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Hey, so you don’t need a diagnosis or anything official to be with us. If you read our posts and feel them and we read your posts and feel them, then of course you are part of the t*d*g*c*. (cont)
(Do I think you should name these kinds of posts Teile des Disabled* Girls* Club*? Hells yes.) And anyway, *hugs* against the grays of hospitals.

More *hugs back*! Actually, for me, right now, the lack of symptoms weighs more in my hesitation than the lack of diagnosis. But I get what you’re saying! And it’s sweet and true and I’m keeping it in mind.

Perhaps I can be a Tired* Disabled* Girls* Club* Cousin* for now? Because I really like that concept (and have been telling people about it ever since I first read about it on my dash) and it feels appropriate for where I am right now.

Haha, and your suggestion for a tag is actually awesome. Thank you!

I am so sorry this has been so hard and about the lack of emotional care you’ve received, and the lack of privacy, and empathy, and I’m also so sorry I wasn’t able to finish reading it, it’s left me feeling quite upset but I’m thinking of you *hugs*

*Hugs you back* Please don’t feel bad about not reading all of my hospital woes? Because this is why I put stuff like that on the internet: there’s usually someone around who CAN deal/read/reply, so it gets distributed round a bit and doesn’t rest on the same two or three pairs of shoulders all the time. So, I’m officially declaring this to be Not Your Turn To Deal. :) And I’m still grateful for your message.

Also: *hugs back* into-the-weeds, callie-quite-contrary, and robinalaska.

I want to write a thing about being in the hospital but I don’t know how. This may look like mostly description with a little bit of analysis but that’s only because I have no idea how to write about the accompanying feelings (yet). I still have them, though.

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Can I please be done with the scary body things for a while now?

(Summary of the long story under the cut: I hyperventilated out of the blue last night, but didn’t know that’s what it was and it felt really scary, so I called an ambulance and briefly went to the emergency room. As you do.)

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(via 500px / Eye Lash Viper by Tom Fiore)

Tiny beautiful death baby!

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Okay, I’m not quite done with the health-related blogging yet. In fact, it might instead become a regular feature in this here pages.

Let me explain.

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I’m home (in fact I have been home for several hours already). It really is very nice here and I’m looking forward to sleeping in my own bed again.

The moral of the story: If you feel a stabbing pain in your chest (including up to your clavicles) and then breathing becomes more difficult than it usually is, please go to a doctor/ER immediately to check if you have a pneumothorax (lung collapse) and - if you do have one - receive appropriate medical care as soon as possible.

And now back to the regular programming of whatever the program of this blog is by now! :)

Not only did they remove the drainage tube yesterday, but I’m going home from the hospital today!!! I’ve already cleared my room, and now I’m just waiting for my friend to pick me up and accompany me home. \o/

(Further details and some medical talk below the cut.)

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Reporting live from the hospital bed! Things are not so much fun today!

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